Dhira-sannyasi Ananda Tīrtharu


“Dhīra-sannyāsī Ānanda-Tīrtharu” is the name given by Bannanje Govindāchārya to the life-story of Āchārya Madhva for children in kannada (kannada was one of the languages spoken by Madhva). The author is a prominent tatvavādī scholar, a translator, commentator and author of numerous Sanskrit works. For many years the book was waiting for its illustrator until Ujvala Nīlamani has offered his expert hand. Govindāchārya has expanded his original text and added a poetic translation of some of the hymns extolling Ānanda-Tīrtha.
Dhīḥ is an intelligence infused with Veda, the wisdom, which is daily prayed for by everyone who chants Brahma-Gāyatrī. Dhīra is the one with the gift of such dhī, the one who revels in the ānanda, the bliss of God-the-Gist of Veda revelation

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Specifications of Bramha Ratha – Dhira-sannyasi Ananda Tīrtharu(PAPER BACK, kannada)

Titile Dhira-sannyasi Ananda Tīrtharu
Binding Paper Back
Publisher Eshavasya
Edition 1st
Language Kannada
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