Gitegondu kadagOLu


Contemplative study of Bhagavadgita through a multitude of queries and replies.

“Gitegondu kadagOLu”(churning rod for Gita) is the fruit of painstaking three year effort by Vid. Sagri Raghavendra Upadhyaya, which sheds extensive light on Bhagavdgita from the three view points, viz; Compilation, Analysis and Implementation – in the threefold division of
Parichaya parva (introductory phase), Prameya parva (validation phase) and Sadhana parva (Execution phase).

This “Gitegondu kadagOLu” spans from the elementary introduction to recondite analysis provoking thoughts in the ordinary seekers of knowledge and proving useful to the scholars offering instructional study, conducting courses, etc.

This  glorious work is furthered by appendices comprising the Prameyas of the glossary of the terminology of Gita, alphabetical listing of the verses, exposition of Gitartha Sara of Sri Vyasatirtharu, and Gita Jayanti.

This is the first of the ten works, considered for publication by Sri Vidyadhisha Tirtharu on the occasion of tenth Aradhanotsva of ever-respectable Sri Vidyamanya Tirtharu,  This churning work comprises of about 1000 pages

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Specifications of Gitegondu kadagOLu  – Kannada- (PAPER BACK, Kannada)

Titile Gitegondu kadagOLu
Binding Hard Back
Publisher Tavta Samshodana Samsat
Edition 1st
Language Kannada
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