Album – “Journey” – by SvarAmrita, an Indian classical creative fusion band

This album consists of 9 tracks, is about an eternal bond between ‘them’. “Them” represents man and woman, human and music, we and universe. The mystery of man and music, captured through the circle called life thru Indian classical Ragas.

  1. Soul: Soul of SvarAmrita
  2. Journey-1: Begins with salutations to Lord Ganesh through the alluring evening Raag, Jog.
  3. He: Masculine form of the being, He. This track draws its inspiration from both Bollywood and Hollywood with a dash of Raag Multani.
  4. She: Captivating Ragas Jog and Charukauns symbolizes the feminine form with Veena and Flute drawing the essence of femininity.
  5. Bliss: Bliss is attained with the feeling of WE. Based on the Raag Bhoop enumerates happiness
  6. Apart: A rift between He and She keeps them Apart. The dusk Raag, Puriya Dhanashree, captures emotions of the compassionate.
  7. Together – Theme : The combination of Raag Kalavati and Rageshri resonates the joy of coming Together again
  8. Journey-2: Fast paced version of the track Journey tries to capture how our lives continue together towards eternity.
  9. Swa-Desh – No unions is complete without the pillar, society and in turn our nation. This track in Raga Des is our way of paying respect to the country.


All tracks composed, arranged and recorded by: Vishwesh Bhat
Veena: Shruthi Kumar, Manjeera Valluri, Ashwini Bhat
Flute: Sanjeeth Nayak
Keyboard: Sushruth Kanathur, Rajiv Jois
Guitar: Abhishek Gaur, Sumanth Raghavendra
Violin: Aditya MP
Percussion: Phanindra Bhaskara, Krishnananda Prabhu, Santhosh
Vocals: Vishwesh Bhat, Raghupati Jha, Pavan, Sowrabha, Shruthi Kumar, Swati Murthy


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Specifications of Resurgence  (Audio BACK, Kannada)

Titile Journey
Binding Audio Back
Publisher  Lahari
Edition 1st
Language Kannada
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